Brief History

ALAMINOS began as a barrio of San Pablo City which was then only a town of the province of Batangas. It’s initial name was TRENCHERA denoting the presence of long and deep ravines. The early inhabitants of Trenchera were believed to be INSURECTOS and possibly fugitives who took advantage of the numerous trenches for hiding as well as for defense against Spanish authority.

Sometime in 1873 when a certain DON ANDRES PEÑALOZA was the gobernadorcillo (equivalent of mayor) of the town of San Pablo, Trenchera was formally separated and became pueblo or town but remained part of the province of Batangas.

DON CIRILO BAYLON, a wealthy resident of Trenchera and with a good command of Spanish language invited Captain-General JUAN DE ALAMINOS NIVERA, the chief executive of the province of Batangas whose capital seat was Lipa. The Captain-General accepted the invitation and came in colourful carriage drawn by two horses. With DON CIRILO BAYLON leading, he was warmly received by residents of Trenchera. DONA GREGORIA BAYLON, the younger sister of Don CiriloBaylon presented bouquet of fresh flowers to the Captain-General.

During the program in honor of the Captain-General and his party, Don CiriloBaylon presented the petition of the resident asking that TRENCHERA be made into a duly organized and recognized town. The petition was read in public and the Captain-General gave assurance to consider their wish favourably. In less than two months the official paper proclaimaning TRENCHERA as a new pueblo or town arrived from Lipa, then the seat of power of the province of Batangas.

At the same time, DON CIRILO BAYLON was appointed the first gobernadorcillo or town mayor in concurrent capacity as Captain de los Constables de Pueblo or the equivalent of the local police chief. In appreciation of CAPTAIN-GENERAL JUAN DE ALAMINOSNIVERA,the new pueblo was named ALAMINOS in 1873 and remained part of the province of Batangas until 1903.

From 1873 up until the revolutionary period of 1898, the following served as gobernadorcillo or mayor of ALAMINOS.

1. Don Cirilo Baylon – 1873-1875
2. Raymundo Faylona – 1875-1878
3. Cirilo Baylon – 1879-1881
4. Marcelino Tolentino – 1882-1884
5. Policarpio Flores- 1885-1887
6. Mauricio Abril – 1888-1890
7. Sesinando Enriquez – 1891-1893
8. Marcelino Fule – 1894-1896

Towards the end of the Filipino revolution against Spain and the subsequent American military rule in 1900, there was no gobernadorcillo. Alaminos revolted against Spain and fought the American. Notable among the town’s revolutionaries were Don Andres Roxas, LeodegarioAvenido, MarcelinoFule and many more.

In 1900, the Americans military authority appointed Don Nicomedes Flores as overseer of the town from 1900 – 1902 and was followed by Don Rafael Baylon who serve until 1903. At this time, ALAMINOS was re-annexed as barrio of San Pablo which was then cede d to the province of Laguna in 1902.

It was not until about 1916 that Alaminos regained it’s status as a town and remained within the political territory of LAGUNA. From 1916 up until the Japanese occupation in 1943, the following were some of those who served as Presidents or Mayors of Alaminos.

1. Jose Fule
2. Leodegario Avenido
3. Rafael Averion
4. Lucio Cubillejo
5. Francisco Fule
6. Andres Averion
7. Silvestre Silva
8. Nicasio Villanueva
9. ArtemioFule

In the post war era following the end of the World War II and after the granting of political independence in 1946 by the Americans, the MAYORS OF ALAMINOS, LAGUNA were either appointed, elected or succeeded in office.

Demetrio Hernandez Sr. 1944-1946 Appointed
Felimon Masa 1947-1948 Appointed
Daniel Fandiño 1948-1951 Elected
Lorenzo Dimayuga 1952-1955 Elected
Pedro De Villa 1956-1963 Elected
Casimiro Faylona 1968-1971 Elected
Pedro De Villa 1968-1971 Elected
Armando M. Bueser 1972-1979 Elected / Term Extended
Francisco Donato 1980-1982 Elected / Died in Office
Mariano Flores 1982-1987 Succeeded / OIC
Samuel F. Bueser 1988-1998 Elected for Three Consecutive Terms
Demetrio P. Hernandez Jr. 1998-2001 Elected
Samuel F. Bueser 2001-2007 Elected
Eladio M. Magampon, M.D 2007-2016 Elected for Three Consecutive Terms
Loreto M. Masa 2016-2018 Elected
Eladio M. Magampon, M.D 2019-2021 Elected / Died in CoViD
Ruben D. Alvarez 2021-2022 Succession / Succeeding to the Office
GLENN P. FLORES 2022-Present Elected

The religious patron of ALAMINOS is NUESTRA SEÑORA DEL PILARits town fiesta is celebrated on OCTOBER 12 of every year.

At present Alaminos has 15 BARANGAYS: four at the town proper and eleven regular barrios. Based on 16 April 2012 ERB Hearing, the number of voters of Alaminos is 24,847 as of November 19, 2012 implying that its population is 43,526 as of May 1, 2010 NSO Census Data. It has a land area of 54.68sq. km. And situated 78kms.east of Manila. The town is moving from purely agricultural into an agro-industrial community with commitment to maintain wholesome ecological balance in the process of cautious.

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