Municipal Agriculture Office


Delivery of Basic Agricultural Extension Services.


An agricultural community with access to assistance and resources for productivity, marketing and processing through appropriate technology compatible with environmental integrity.


Develop plans and strategies for agricultural programs and implement them accordingly by provision of inputs and access to other agricultural resources.



I . Agricultural Production Program
   A.  High Value Commercial Crops Development
        1. Distribution of Quality Vegetable Seeds
        2. Vegetable Seedlings Production/ Nursery Operation
        3. Green Corn Development (Purchase and Distribution of Hybrid Corn Seeds)
        4. Distribution of Fruit Bearing Trees 
        5. Establishment of Demo Farm
   B. Promotion of Organic Agriculture
       1. Food Always In The Home (FAITH training) 
       2. Production of organic vegetable
       3. Organic fertilizer production
                     a.  Operation of Biowaste Composter
                     b. Operation of Vermicomposting Facility (VCF)
       4. Stingless-Bee Production and Development
II. Animal Health Care and Management 
   A.  Anti- Rabies Program
        1. Vaccination
        2. Reponsible PET Ownerships Campaign 
        3. Dog and Cats Population Control (Spay and Neuter)
   B. Consultation/ Treatment Technical Assistance
        1. Deworming of Large Cattle and Ruminants
        2.Treatment of Livestock Animals
        3.Technical Assistance
   C. Surveilance and Monitoring
        Blood sample collection and submission
   D. Distribution of Farm Animals
       1. Large Cattle Dispersal/Redispersal
       2. Swine Upgrading Project
       3. Dispersal/ Redispersal of Native Pigs
   E. Poultry Incubation Services in Alaminos (PISA)
III.   Interest Free Loan for Agricultural Production
IV.  Distribution of Farm Implements
V   Assistance to Land Preparation Using Farm Tractor
VI. Hauling and Distribution of Farm Products and Inputs
VII.  Assistance to Agri-tourism Development/ Model farm/ Demo-Farms    
VIII. Operation of Farmers Information Technology Services (FITS) Center
IX. Capacity and Capability Building
X. Pre-marriage Counselling
XI. Assistance to Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation (PCIC)
XII. Registration and updating on Registry System for Basic Sectors of Agriculture (RSBSA)


High Value Commercial Crops Development

Demo Farm

Green Corn Development

Taniman sa Barangay

Gender and Development (GAD)

Operation of Farmers Information Technology Services (FITS) Center