Municipal Social Welfare & Development Office

Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office Programs and Services

For the holistic operationalization of the MSWDO programs and other add on offices such as Public Employment Service Office, Municipal Nutrition Office, Municipal Gender and Development Office, Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, OFW Migration and Reintegration Office, Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention Network Office, Person with Disability Help Desk. These services adhered to target impoverished sectors of the populace and those individuals, singly or in group and community in difficult circumstances.

  1. MSWDO
      • Caring Healing Teaching Framework/ Treatment Plan for Children
      • Advocacy IEC on Children’s Laws
      • Positive Discipline Modules
      • Day Care Service
      • Supplementary Feeding Program
      • Supervised Neighborhood Play (ECCD/SNP)
      • Children in Need of Special Protection (CNSP)
      • Children in Conflict with Law (CICL)/ Diversion Contract
      • Child Abuse Prevention & Intervention Network (CAPIN)
      • Counseling
      • Children Assisted for Court Proceedings
      • Children Summit
      • Life Skills Training
      • Play Therapy
      • Kids Teens Court Orientation
    • YOUTH
      • Municipal Scholar/ SPES
      • After Care and Follow-Up Services
      • Youth Summit
      • Seminar on Teenage Pregnancy/ Pre-marital Sex
      • Capacity Building for Youth
      • Daily Vacation Bible School
      • Leadership Training
      • Alternative Learning School
      • Program for Out of School Youth
      • Organization of Out of School Youth/ In School Youth for PAG-ASA Youth Movement
      • Sports Activities
      • Life Skills Training
      • Kids Teens Court Orientation
      • Play Therapy

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